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Ycleped \Y*cleped"\, p. p. [AS. geclipod, p. p. of clipian, cleopian, cliopian, to call. See Clepe, and also the Note under Y-.] Called; named; -- obsolete, except in archaic or humorous writings. [Spelt also yclept.] [1913 Webster] It is full fair to ben yclept madame. --Chaucer. [1913 Webster] But come, thou goddess fair and free. In heaven ycleped Euphrosyne. --Milton. [1913 Webster] Those charming little missives ycleped valentines. --Lamb. [1913 Webster]

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yclept See clepe



Representing Old English ġeclypod.


  • /ɪˈklɛpt/
  • Rhymes with: -ɛpt


  1. : called, named.
    • 1922: James Joyce, Ulysses
      And there came against the place as they stood a young learning knight yclept Dixon.
    • 2001: Glen David Gold, Carter Beats the Devil
      World traveling sorcerer supreme Charles Carter, yclept Carter the Mysterious, has made a startling discovery that makes the news from Europe seem mild indeed.
Dome was a musical group consisting of Bruce Gilbert (guitar, vocals, synthesizer) and Graham Lewis (bass, vocals, synthesizer).

Band history

Gilbert and Lewis were both members of Wire, and formed Dome during Wire's 19801984 hiatus. Over their first three albums, Wire's music had progressed from rapid-fire punk rock to moody, ambitious post-punk, and Dome continued the experimentation, often abandoning traditional song structures in favor of found sounds, melodic fragments and what critics Steven Grand and David Sheridan describe as "lurching mechanical noises infrequently keeping a vague beat."
Between 1980 and 1981 they recorded three LPs; Dome One, Dome 2, and Dome 3, all on their own Dome Records label.
As well as releasing Dome albums, Gilbert & Lewis also produced and released records by Desmond Simmons (who plays on Colin Newman's solo albums A-Z and Not To) and AC Marias on the Dome label.
The 3R4 LP was released in 1980, followed by the Kluba Cupol EP and Ends With The Sea 7", all on the 4AD Records label. In 1982 they released MZUI (Waterloo Gallery), an LP of recordings make at Waterloo Gallery with Russell Mills.
In 1983 the duo teamed up with Dome collaborator Angela Conway (aka AC Marias) to release the Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention LP under the name P'O. In that year they also released the Or So It Seems LP under the name Duet Emmo (an anagram of 'Dome' and 'Mute'), with Daniel Miller, head of Mute Records and released Dome 4: Will You Speak This Word on the Uniton label.
Wire reformed in 1984, although Dome continued to perform and record occasionally. Yclept, a collection of their later work was released on WMO in 1998.
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