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vertical adj
1 at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line; "a vertical camera angle"; "the monument consists of two vertical pillars supporting a horizontal slab"; "measure the perpendicular height" [syn: perpendicular] [ant: inclined, horizontal]
2 upright in position or posture; "an erect stature"; "erect flower stalks"; "for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression"; "a column still vertical amid the ruins"; "he sat bolt upright" [syn: erect, upright] [ant: unerect]


1 something that is oriented vertically
2 a vertical structural member as a post or stake; "the ball sailed between the uprights" [syn: upright]

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  • (UK) /ˈvɜːtɪkəl/, /"v3:tIk@l/
  • (US) /ˈvɝtɪkəl/, /"v3`tIk@l/


  1. A vertex or zenith
  2. A vertical geometrical figure; a perpendicular
  3. An individual slat in a set of vertical blinds.


  1. Describing the set of directions that are perpendicular with the surface of the Earth.
  2. In a two dimensional cartesian co-ordinate system, describing the axis oriented mathematically normal to (perpendicular) the horizontal axis.



being perpendicular with the surface of the Earth



  • /vɛʁ.ti.kal/
  • SAMPA: /vER.ti.kal/


  1. vertical

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An object is in a vertical position when it is aligned in an "up-down" direction, roughly speaking perpendicular to the horizon or horizontal plane.
In science, it can also refer to:
  • Vertical direction, the direction aligned with the direction of the force of gravity, as materialized with a plumb line
In mathematics:
  • Vertical (angles), a pair of angles sharing the same vertex and bounded by the same pair of lines but are opposite to each other
In music:
In business:
  • Vertical market, a group of similar businesses and customers which engage in trade based on specific and specialized needs
  • Vertical integration, a management term describing a style of ownership and control
  • Vertical monopoly, a monopoly produced through vertical integration
In networking:
  • Vertical (network), the portion of network cabling that runs between floors, usually considered the backbone network
In art:
  • Vertical, is a French art gallery (Paris) which presents vegetal sculptures.
In furnishings:
In athletics:
  • Vertical jump, a measure of how high an individual or athlete can elevate off the ground from a standstill
In a Vertical wine tasting different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery are tasted.

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