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1 Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656) [syn: Ussher, James Ussher, James Usher]
2 an official doorkeeper as in a courtroom or legislative chamber [syn: doorkeeper]
3 someone employed to conduct others [syn: guide] v : show (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums; "The usher showed us to our seats" [syn: show]

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  1. A person, in a church, cinema etc., who escorts people to their seats.
  2. A male escort at a wedding.
  3. A doorkeeper in a courtroom.



  1. To act as an usher.
  2. To escort (someone.)

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Ganymede, Hebe, MC, airline hostess, airline stewardess, attend, attendant, auteur, ballyhoo man, barker, batman, bellboy, bellhop, bellman, best man, bodyguard, bootblack, boots, bridemaiden, bridesmaid, bridesman, cabin boy, caddie, callboy, cavalier, cerberus, chaperon, chore boy, companion, concierge, conduct, conductor, convoy, copyboy, costume designer, costumer, costumier, cupbearer, director, doorkeeper, doorman, duenna, emcee, equestrian director, errand boy, errand girl, escort, esquire, exhibitor, fellow traveler, footboy, gatekeeper, gofer, groomsman, guard, guide, hostess, impresario, introduce, janitor, lead, makeup man, marshal, master of ceremonies, matron of honor, office boy, office girl, orderly, ostiary, page, paranymph, playreader, porter, preface, producer, prompter, receptionist, ringmaster, safe-conduct, scenewright, set designer, shepherd, showman, spieler, squire, stage director, stage manager, steward, stewardess, swain, take out, tender, theater man, theatrician, ticket collector, trainbearer, usherer, usherette, wait on, warden, wedding attendant, wedding party, yeoman
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