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1 someone who is regarded as contemptible [syn: twerp, twirp]
2 aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing [syn: taunt, taunting] v : harass with persistent criticism or carping; "The children teased the new teacher"; "Don't ride me so hard over my failure"; "His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie" [syn: tease, razz, rag, cod, tantalize, tantalise, bait, taunt, rally, ride] [also: twitting, twitted]

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Originally en-term twite, an aphetism of atwite.


  • /twɪt/
  • Rhymes: -ɪt


  1. To reproach, blame; to ridicule or tease.
    • 2007: H. R. Fox Bourne, secretary of the Aborigines' Protection Society – often twitted for being an ‘armchair critic’ – wrote in a review of one of Stanley's books — Bernard Porter, ‘Did He Puff his Crimes to Please a Bloodthirsty Readership?’, London Review of Books 29:7, p. 10


To reproach, blame; to ridicule or tease


  1. A reproach, gibe or taunt.
  2. A foolish or annoying person.


a reproach, gibe or taunt
a foolish or annoying person

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Parthian shot, accuse, allege, anthem, arraign, article, ass, back answer, badinage, ballad, banter, barrack, berate, blame, blockhead, book, bring accusation, bring charges, bring to book, cackle, cajole, call, carol, caustic remark, caw, censure, chaff, chant, charge, chatter, cheep, chide, chirk, chirp, chirr, chirrup, chitter, choir, chorus, chuck, chump, cite, clack, cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo, comeback, complain, contemn, coo, crack, croak, cronk, croon, crow, cuckoo, cut, cut at, cutting remark, denounce, denunciate, deride, descant, dig, dig at, do-re-mi, dope, drum, dump, dump on, exchange, fasten on, fasten upon, finger, fleer, flout, fool, foolery, fooling, fooling around, gabble, gaggle, gibe, gibing retort, give-and-take, gobble, good-natured banter, guggle, hang something on, harmless teasing, haze, honk, hoo, hoot, hum, hymn, idiot, imbecile, impeach, imply, impute, indict, inform against, inform on, insinuate, intonate, intone, jab, jab at, jape, jeer, jeer at, jerk, jest, jibe, jive, joke, jolly, josh, kid, kidding, kidding around, lay charges, leg-pull, lilt, lodge a complaint, lodge a plaint, lout, make fun of, minstrel, mock, moron, needle, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, parting shot, peep, persiflage, pin on, pip, pipe, pleasantry, pooh, pooh-pooh, prefer charges, press charges, psalm, put down, put on, put on report, put-down, put-on, quack, quaver, quip, quiz, rag, rail at, raillery, rally, rallying, rank out, razz, report, reprehend, reproach, reprove, revile, rib, ride, ridicule, roast, roll, roulade, rude reproach, scoff, scold, scorn, scout, scurrility, serenade, shake, short answer, simpleton, sing, sing in chorus, slam, slap, slap at, sneer, sneer at, sol-fa, solmizate, sport, squawk, swipe, take to task, task, taunt, taunt with, tax, tease, tremolo, trill, troll, tweak, tweedle, tweedledee, tweet, twitter, upbraid, verbal thrust, vocalize, warble, whistle, yodel
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