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1 a long truck for carrying motor vehicles [syn: car transporter]
2 a crane for moving material with dispatch as in loading and unloading ships
3 a moving belt that transports objects (as in a factory) [syn: conveyer belt, conveyor belt, conveyer, conveyor]

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-er transport


  1. A long truck / lorry for carrying vehicles
  2. A type of crane for loading / unloading a ship
  3. A conveyor belt that transports objects in a factory etc
  4. a teleportation machine

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From transportare.





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Transporter may refer to vehicles or transport:
  • transporter, a business or person involved in the transport of goods or people
  • transporter, a vehicle used to transport objects or material, especially a heavy hauler or related type of truck
  • Transporter wagon for carrying wagons of one gauge on another gauge.
  • animal transporter, a vehicle for transporting animals
  • the Volkswagen Transporter, a model of van from Volkswagen and its variants:
    • VW Type 2, the original rear engine Volkswagen Transporter
    • VW Eurovan, the front engine Volkswagen Transporter produced from 1990
Transporter may also refer to:
The term transporter may also be used to refer to a device in science fiction:
  • Teleportation devices, commonplace in science fiction.
  • Transporter (Star Trek), teleportation devices in the Star Trek universe.
  • Stargate usages:
    • Atlantis teleporters — a technology used by the Ancients for transposing the contents of two teleporter rooms on Atlantis
    • Asgard beaming device — a technology used by the Asgard for orbital ship to planetary surface or closer transport
    • Ring Transporter — a technology used by the Goa'uld and Tok'ra for orbital ship to planetary surface or closer transpositioning via a set of rings that pop out of the ground or ceiling to surround the subjects at both ends
    • Thor's Hammer — an automated teleportation device set up by the Asgard on one planet near the stargate to protect the planet's population from the Goa'uld.
    • Wraith transporter — a technology used by the Wraith for transporting from a planetary surface to their Dart (low-altitude raiding) ships
  • An iron clad gun ship, blockade runner, freighter, ram mounting around fifty cannons that appeared in First Earth.
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Aquarius, Ganymede, Hebe, bearer, bheesty, busboy, caddie, cargo handler, carrier, carrier pigeon, carter, common carrier, conveyer, coolie, cupbearer, drayman, express, expressman, freighter, gun bearer, hauler, homing pigeon, letter carrier, litter-bearer, porter, redcap, shield-bearer, skycap, stevedore, stretcher-bearer, the Water Bearer, truck driver, trucker, wagoner, water boy, water carrier
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