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1 a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord" [syn: lawsuit, case, cause, causa]
2 a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color; "they buried him in his best suit" [syn: suit of clothes]
3 playing card in any of four sets of 13 cards in a pack; each set has its own symbol and color; "a flush is five cards in the same suit"; "in bridge you must follow suit"; "what suit is trumps?"
4 a businessman dressed in a business suit; "all the suits care about is the bottom line"
5 a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage); "its was a brief and intense courtship" [syn: courtship, wooing, courting]
6 a petition or appeal made to a person of superior status or rank


1 be agreeable or acceptable to; "This suits my needs" [syn: accommodate, fit]
2 be agreeable or acceptable; "This time suits me"
3 accord or comport with; "This kind of behavior does not suit a young woman!" [syn: befit, beseem]
4 enhance the appearance of; "Mourning becomes Electra"; "This behavior doesn't suit you!" [syn: become]

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siute, from sieute (modern suite), originally a participle adjective from vulgar Latin *sequita, from Latin sequi ‘follow’.



  1. The attempt to gain an end by legal process; a process instituted in a court of law for the recovery of a right or claim; a lawsuit.
    If you take my advice, you'll file suit against him immediately.
  2. italbrac-colon obsolete The act of following or pursuing; pursuit, chase.
  3. The act of suing; the pursuit of a particular object or goal.
    Thenceforth the suit of earthly conquest shone. —Spenser.
  4. Pursuit of a love-interest; wooing, courtship.
    Rebate your loves, each rival suit suspend, Till this funereal web my labors end. —Pope.
  5. A company of attendants or followers; a retinue.
  6. A group of similar or related objects or items considered as a whole; a suite (of rooms etc.)
  7. The full set of sails required for a ship.
  8. A set of clothes to be worn together, now especially a man's matching jacket and trousers, or a similar outfit for a woman.
    Nick hired a navy-blue suit for the wedding.
  9. In the context of "pejorative|slang": A person who wears matching jacket and trousers, especially a boss or a supervisor.
    Be sure to keep your nose to the grindstone today; the suits are making a "surprise" visit to this department.
  10. A full set of armour.
  11. Each of the sets of a pack of cards distinguished by color and/or specific emblems, such as the spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs of traditional Anglo, Hispanic and French playing cards.
    To deal and shuffle, to divide and sort Her mingled suits and sequences. —Cowper.
  12. Regular order; succession.
    Every five and thirty years the same kind and suit of weather comes again. —Bacon.
(law) The attempt to gain an end by legal process; a process instituted in a court of law for the recovery of a right or claim; a lawsuit.
  • Spanish: proceso judicial.
suit of clothes
card game category
  • Czech: barva
  • French: enseigne
  • Portuguese: naipe
  • Swedish: färg, svit


  1. To fit; to adapt; to make proper or suitable; as, to suit the action to the word. —Shak.
  2. To be fitted to; to accord with; to become; to befit.
    Ill suits his cloth the praise of railing well. —Dryden.
    Raise her notes to that sublime degree Which suits song of piety and thee. —Prior.
  3. To dress; to clothe.
    So went he suited to his watery tomb. —Shak.
  4. To please; to make content; as, he is well suited with his place; to suit one’s taste.
  5. : To agree; to accord; to be fitted; to correspond; — usually followed by with or to.
    The place itself was suiting to his care. —Dryden.
    Give me not an office That suits with me so ill. —Addison.



to be fitted to
  • Czech: vyhovovat
  • French: convenir
  • German: passen
  • Spanish: convenir
to please, to make content
  • French: convenir




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Angelus, Ave, Ave Maria, Hail Mary, Kyrie Eleison, Paternoster, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, accouter, accusal, accusation, accusing, action, adapt, adapt to, addresses, adjuration, adjust, adjust to, agree with, aid prayer, allegation, allegement, amorous pursuit, answer, appeal, application, arraignment, asking, assimilate to, attune, battery, be OK, be guided by, beadroll, beads, become, befit, bend, benefit, beseechment, bib and tucker, bid, bidding prayer, bill of particulars, blame, block, breviary, bringing of charges, bringing to book, business suit, call, canvass, capacitate, caparison, case, casual suit, cause, cause in court, chaplet, charge, check, check out, chime in with, clamor, clothes, clothing, collect, combination, communion, complaint, comply, comply with, compose, condition, conform, conform to, contemplation, correct, correspond, costume, count, court, courting, courtship, cry, delation, denouncement, denunciation, devotions, discipline, disguise, do, do the job, double-breasted suit, dress, enable, enhance, ensemble, entreaty, equip, fall in with, fill the bill, fit, fit out, follow, frock, furnish, gallantry, garb, gear to, gee, go, go by, go with, grace, gratify, habit, harmonize, harmonize with, hit the spot, impeachment, impetration, implication, imploration, imploring, imprecation, imputation, indictment, information, innuendo, insinuation, intercession, invocation, invocatory plea, jibe, judicial process, jump suit, kit, lawsuit, laying of charges, legal action, legal case, legal proceedings, legal process, legal remedy, litany, litigation, livery, make conform, masquerade, meditation, meet, mold, obsecration, observe, obtestation, orison, outfit, pack, petition, plaint, plea, please, prayer, prayer wheel, proceeding, proceedings, process, prosecution, put in trim, put in tune, quadrate, qualify, reconcile, rectify, relate, reproach, request, requesting, riding habit, rig, rig out, rig up, rogation, rosary, rub off corners, satisfy, separates, serenade, series, serve, set, settle, shape, shirtwaist suit, silent prayer, single-breasted suit, ski suit, solicitation, soliciting, sports suit, square, straighten, suffice, suing, suit at law, suite, supplication, tailor, tailored suit, tally, tally with, taxing, thanks, thanksgiving, trial, tropical suit, true bill, tune, turn out, two-piece suit, uniform, unspoken accusation, veiled accusation, wooing, yield
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