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specie n : coins collectively [syn: coinage, mintage, metal money]

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Originally in the phrase in specie; from speciē, ablative singular of species.




  1. Type or kind, in various uses of the phrase in specie.
  2. Money, especially in the form of coins made from precious metal, that has an intrinsic value; coinage.
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 8:
      “Dick” Counterfly had absquatulated swiftly into the night, leaving his son with only a pocketful of specie and the tender admonition, “Got to ‘scram,’ kid — write if you get work.”





  1. mortar (in sense of mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)



Latin species, speciei


specie (plural: specie)
  1. kind, species
  2. sort

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and pence, cash, circulating medium, coin, coinage, coined liberty, cold cash, crown, currency, dollars, double eagle, doubloon, ducat, eagle, emergency money, filthy lucre, five-dollar gold piece, fractional currency, gold, gold piece, guinea, half crown, half eagle, hard cash, hard currency, hard money, legal tender, lucre, mammon, managed currency, medium of exchange, mintage, moidore, money, napoleon, necessity money, pelf, piece, piece of money, piece of silver, postage currency, postal currency, pound sovereign, pounds, roll of coins, rouleau, scrip, shillings, silver, soft currency, sovereign, sterling, ten-dollar gold piece, the almighty dollar, the wherewith, the wherewithal, twenty-dollar gold piece
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