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skim adj : used of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed; "yogurt made with skim milk"; "she can drink skimmed milk but should avoid butter" [syn: skimmed]


1 a thin layer covering the surface of a liquid; "there was a thin skim of oil on the water"
2 reading or glancing through quickly [syn: skimming]


1 travel on the surface of water [syn: plane]
2 move or pass swiftly and lightly over the surface of [syn: skim over]
3 examine hastily; "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi" [syn: scan, rake, glance over, run down]
4 cause to skip over a surface; "Skip a stone across the pond" [syn: skip, skitter]
5 coat (a liquid) with a layer
6 remove from the surface; "skim cream from the surface of milk" [syn: skim off, cream off, cream]
7 read superficially [syn: skim over] [also: skimming, skimmed]

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  1. To throw an object so it bounces on water (skimming stones)
  2. To ricochet
  3. To read quickly, skipping some detail
  4. to scrape off; to remove (something) from a surface


to throw an object so it bounces on water
to ricochet
to read quickly, skipping some detail
to scrape off; to remove (something) from a surface


  1. In the context of "of milk": having lowered fat content

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avalanche, ball the jack, barrel, blink, boom, bowl along, breeze, breeze along, browse, brush, brush by, carefully ignore, caress, carom, clip, coast, cold-shoulder, come in contact, contact, cream, cut a corner, cut along, cut corners, dap, dart, dip into, dodge, drift, examine cursorily, fleet, flit, float, flow, fly, fly low, foot, fudge, ghost, give the once-over, glance, glance at, glance over, glance through, glide, glissade, go fast, graze, highball, hit, ice-skate, impinge, kiss, make knots, nip, nudge, osculate, outstrip the wind, page through, pass over, pass over lightly, plow the deep, pour it on, remove, ricochet, ride, ride the sea, rip, roller-skate, rub, run, run over, run through, sail, scamp, scan, scorch, scrape, scratch the surface, scud, separate, shave, shoot, sideslip, sideswipe, sizzle, skate, skateboard, ski, skid, skim over, skim the surface, skimp, skip, skip over, skirt, sled, sleigh, slidder, slide, slide down, slight, slip, slip through, slither, slubber over, slur, slur over, soar, speed, squeak by, storm along, sweep, take off, tear, tear along, thumb over, thumb through, thunder along, toboggan, touch, touch lightly, touch upon, touch upon lightly, walk the waters, whisk, whiz, zing, zip, zip through, zoom
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