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sheepdog n : any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep [syn: shepherd dog, sheep dog]

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  1. a breed of dog, used for herding sheep


  • Basque: artzain txakur
  • Danish: fårehund
  • Esperanto: ŝafhundo
  • French: chien de berger
  • German: Schäferhund
  • Hungarian: juhászkutya
  • Icelandic: fjárhundur
  • Italian: cane da pastore
  • Japanese: 牧羊犬
  • Norwegian: fårehund
  • Polish: owczarek
  • Russian: овчарка
  • Slovene: ovčar
  • Spanish: perro pastor
  • Swedish: fårhund

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A sheepdog is a type of domestic dog whose original purpose was to herd or guard sheep. Sheepdogs are just one category of pastoral dogs. Many sheep dogs are now kept as domestic pets or companion dogs. These dogs are very active and intelligent and require both physical and mental exercise which should be considered carefully before purchasing one as a companion dog.
There are many types of sheep dog, including:
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