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In knitting, a gather is a generic term for several methods that draw stitches closer together laterally, i.e., within a row of knitting. Common methods include:
  • In binding, a yarn loop is passed over 2 or more stitches in the same row (usually adjacent to the binding loop); also known as a pullover stitch.
  • In clustering, the yarn is wound laterally around a set of stitches in the same row, possibly several times; also known as a wrap stitch.
  • Smocking is a sewing or embroidery technique in which the stitches are drawn together with an ancillary thread or yarn.

Related techniques

In ruching, a large number of increases are introduced in one row, which are then removed by decreases a few rows later. This produces many small vertical ripples in the fabric, effectively little pleats. The technique of shirring produces a similar effect by gathering the fabric in two parallel rows (not necessarily horizontal), usually by smocking.


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