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royalist n : an advocate of the principles of monarchy [syn: monarchist]

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From royal + -ist.


  1. A monarchist (supporter of monarchy) or supporter of a particular royal regime.
  2. Can carry the connotation of a legitimist, a supporter of a particular royal line, especially one in danger of being dispossessed of a throne or actually dispossessed of such, and claiming to have the better claim to the throne on the basis of line of descent.
  3. Especially:
    • a Cavalier, a supporter of King Charles I of England during the English Civil War
    • a supporter of the House of Bourbon, in France since the 18th century and especially during the French Revolution
    • a supporter of Ferdinand VII of Spain in Spanish South America during the South American Wars of Independence of the 1810s and 1820s.

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A royalist supports a particular monarch as head of state for a particular kingdom, or of a particular dynastic claim. In the abstract, this position is royalism. It is distinct from monarchism, which advocates a monarchical system of government, but not necessarily a particular monarch. Most often, the term royalist is applied to a supporter of a current regime or one that has been recently overthrown to form a republic.
In the UK today, the term is almost indistinguishable from "monarchist," because there are no significant rival claimants to the throne. Conversely, in 19th-century France, a royalist might be either a Legitimist or an Orléanist, both being monarchists.
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Bircher, Bourbon, Tory, conservatist, conservative, diehard, extreme right-winger, hard hat, imperialist, monarchist, radical right, reactionarist, reactionary, reactionist, right, right wing, right-winger, rightist, social Darwinist, standpat, standpatter, ultraconservative
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