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1 all of the offspring of a given progenitor; "we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity" [syn: descendants]
2 all future generations

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  • a UK /ˈpɒstɛɹɪti/ /"pQstErIti:/


  1. All the future generations, especially the descendants of a specific person.


all the future generations

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aftermath, agnate, ancestry, backup man, blood, blood relation, blood relative, brood, children, clansman, cognate, collateral, collateral relative, conclusion, connections, consanguinean, consequence, descendant, descendants, distaff side, distant relation, dynasty, effect, enate, family, flesh, flesh and blood, folks, german, heir, heirs, inheritor, issue, kin, kindred, kinfolk, kinnery, kinsfolk, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kith and kin, line, lineage, near relation, next of kin, offspring, people, progeniture, progeny, relations, relatives, replacement, seed, sequel, sib, sibling, spear kin, spear side, spindle kin, spindle side, successor, successors, sword side, tribesman, uterine kin
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