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1 cause to feel resentment or indignation; "Her tactless remark offended me" [syn: pique]
2 act in disregard of laws and rules; "offend all laws of humanity"; "violate the basic laws or human civilization"; "break a law" [syn: transgress, infract, violate, go against, breach, break]
3 strike with disgust or revulsion; "The scandalous behavior of this married woman shocked her friends" [syn: shock, scandalize, scandalise, appal, appall, outrage]
4 hurt the feelings of; "She hurt me when she did not include me among her guests"; "This remark really bruised me ego" [syn: hurt, wound, injure, bruise, spite]

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From etyl la offendo



  1. To hurt the feelings of; to displease; to make angry; to insult.
    Your accusations offend me deeply.
  2. To be offensive to; to harm; to pain; to annoy.
    Strong light offends the eye.
    to offend the conscience
  3. To transgress or violate a law or moral requirement.
  4. transitive obsolete To strike against; to attack; to assail; to cause pain.
    • 1961, Jean-Paul Sartre, David Pellauer, Notebooks for an Ethics, University of Chicago Press, Page 221,
      "Since I am his, my pain, which I propose to him, is his pain, It cannot offend him."
  5. transitive obsolete To oppose or obstruct in duty;
    • 1977, Council of Legal Education, West Indian Law Journal, Council of Legal Education, Page 98,
      "[...] it would offend and obstruct the doing of justice were the prosecution to be bound by it so as to hamper the judge in his task of ascertaining the truth."
  6. To cause to stumble; to cause to sin or to fall.
    • 1896, Adolphus Frederick Schauffler, Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons, W. A. Wilde company, Page 161,
      "If any man offend not (stumbles not, is not tripped up) in word, the same is a perfect man."
    • New Testament, Matthew 5:29 (Sermon on the Mount),
      "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out."
  7. To feel or become offended.
    Don't worry. I don't offend easily.



to hurt the feelings
  • Finnish: loukata
  • Hungarian: megütköztet
  • Russian: обижать , обидеть ; оскорблять , оскорбить
to be offensive to
  • Finnish: loukata, ärsyttää
  • Hungarian: bánt, sért
  • Russian: раздражать
to transgress or violate a law or moral requirement
  • Finnish: rikkoa, loukata
  • Hungarian: vétkezik
  • Russian: нарушать , нарушить
to strike against
to oppose or obstruct in duty
  • Finnish: vastustaa
  • Hungarian: megszeg
to cause to sin or fall
  • Finnish: vietellä, erehdyttää
to feel or become offended
  • Finnish: loukkaantua

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affront, aggrieve, anger, annoy, appall, blemish, blot, breach, break, call names, chagrin, commit sin, contravene, deface, disfigure, disgruntle, disgust, dishonor, disoblige, displease, distress, disturb, do amiss, do wrong, dump on, dysphemize, embarrass, err, exasperate, excite, fleer at, flout, fret, gall, gibe at, give offense, give offense to, give umbrage, grieve, gross out, horrify, humiliate, hurl a brickbat, hurt, hurt the feelings, infract, infringe, insult, irritate, jeer at, jibe at, look a fright, look a mess, look bad, look like hell, look something terrible, mar, miff, mock, nauseate, needle, nettle, offend the eye, outrage, pain, pique, provoke, put down, put off, rankle, rattle, repel, repulse, revolt, rile, ruffle, scandalize, scoff at, shock, sicken, sin, slight, snub, spoil, sting, taunt, transgress, treat with indignity, trespass, turn the stomach, uglify, upset, vex, wound
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