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nugget n : a solid lump of a precious metal (especially gold) as found in the earth

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  • nŭg'ət, /ˈnʌɡət/, /"nVg@t/


nugget (countable and uncountable; plural: nuggets)
  1. a small, compact chunk or clump, as gold nugget
  2. a tidbit of something valuable, as a nugget of wisdom
  3. a type of boot polish
  4. a bud from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Usually implies dankness.
  5. slang term for an inexperienced, newly trained fighter pilot.

Derived terms


small chunk or clump
  • Danish: klump
  • Dutch: steen
  • Finnish: hippu
  • Italian: pepita
  • Polish: bryłka
boot polish
bud of Cannabis plant
inexperienced fighter pilot

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bar, batch, block, bulk, bullion, chunk, clod, clump, coin gold, coin silver, copper, gob, gold, gold nugget, hunch, hunk, ingot, loaf, lump, mass, nickel, pat, precious metals, quantity, silver, wad, yellow stuff
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