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noggin n : informal terms for a human head [syn: attic, bean, bonce, noodle, dome]

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Origin unknown. (Irish naigín, Scottish Gaelic noigean are from the English.) Compare nog.


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  1. A small mug, cup or ladle.
  2. A measure equivalent to a gill. Also possibly linked to the phrase “naggin of vodka” (a small bottle of vodka).
    • 1836, Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers
      I don’t know whether…you…ever…went out to a slight lunch of a bushel of oysters, a dozen or so of bottled ale, and a noggin or two of whiskey to close up with.
  3. The head.


small mug, cup or ladle
  • Dutch: glaasje, druppelglas, } vingerhoed
measure equivalent to a gill
  • Dutch: druppel
  • Dutch: kop

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  • OED 2nd edition 1989

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bean, brain, brow, chump, conk, crown, dome, encephalon, gray matter, head, headpiece, noddle, noodle, organ of thought, pate, poll, ridge, sconce, seat of thought, sensation, sensorium, sensory
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