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motile adj : (of spores or microorganisms) capable of movement n : one whose prevailing mental imagery takes the form of inner feelings of action

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From Latin motus.




  1. having the power to move spontaneously
    • 1993: It seemed to him that, if there were a Holy Trinity as the churches taught, this must be unified through a manner of capillary action, Father merging into Son and both into Holy Ghost. So God is motile as the blood is. — Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford
  2. of, or related to those mental images that arise from the sensations of bodily movement and position

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Motility is a biological term which refers to the ability to move spontaneously and independently. It can apply to either single-celled or multicellular organisms.
In cellular biology or biomedical engineering, motility often refers to directed cell movement down gradients established in biopolymers. Examples are:
  • movement along a chemical gradient (see chemotaxis)
  • movement along a rigidity gradient (see durotaxis)
  • movement along a gradient of cell adhesion sites (see haptotaxis)
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