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  • /'mɔ:ɹə/, /"mO:r@/


  1. In the context of "Scottish law": A delay in bringing a claim.
  2. In the context of "poetics": A unit used to measure lines and stanzas of poetry.
    • 1918: Elcanon Isaacs, "The Metrical Basis of Hebrew Poetry", American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures 35: 20-54
      In the quantitative meters in Sanskrit a heavy syllable is considered to be equal to two morae and a light syllable equivalent to one mora.
  3. A unit of sound used in phonology, by which stress or timing of utterance is determined in some languages (e.g. Japanese).
  4. A genus of large South American trees.
    • 1904: W.H. Hudson, Green Mansions, A Romance of the Tropical Forest
      At length, somewhere about the centre of the wood, she led me to an immense mora tree, growing almost isolated, covering with its shade a large space of ground entirely free from undergrowth.



  1. Plural of more



  1. Plural of more


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  • Naima Mora, Americas Next Top Model (season 4)
  • Jim Mora, a disambiguation page
  • Jo Mora (1876-1947), American artist from Uruguay
  • Melvin Mora (b. 1972), American professional baseball player
  • Néstor Mora (1963-1995), a cyclist from Colombia
  • Philippe Mora (b. 1949), is a French-born Australian film director
  • Víctor Mora (b. 1931), pseudonym of Eugenio Roca, a Spanish writer of comic books


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