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  1. A person who studies molluscs, who specializes in malacology.

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Malacology is the branch of invertebrate zoology which deals with the study of mollusks, the second-largest phylum of animals in terms of described species. One division of malacology, conchology, is devoted to the study of the shells of mollusks.
Fields of malacological research include taxonomy, ecology, and evolution. Applied malacology studies medical, veterinary, and agricultural applications, for example mollusks as mediators of such diseases as schistosomiasis.
Archaeology employs malacology to understand the evolution of the climate, the biota of the area, and the usage of the site.
In 1794, the first compilation of mollusks was published. In 1868, the German Malacological Society was founded.


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  • Editors are L R Cox and J F Peake Proceedings of the First European Malacological Congress September 17-21 1962. Text in English with black and white photographic reproductions, also maps and diagrams.
  • D. Heppel, "The long dawn of Malacology: a brief history of malacology from prehistory to the year 1800." Archives of Natural History 22 (3): 301–319 (October 1995).


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