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1 lie in wait, lie in ambush, behave in a sneaky and secretive manner [syn: skulk]
2 be about; "The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square"; "Who is this man that is hanging around the department?" [syn: loiter, lounge, footle, lollygag, loaf, lallygag, hang around, mess about, tarry, linger, mill about, mill around]
3 wait in hiding to attack [syn: ambush, scupper, bushwhack, waylay, ambuscade, lie in wait]

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  1. to hang out or wait around a location, preferably without drawing attention to oneself
    • 2005, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 235c.
      if we find the sophist lurking, we must round him up by royal command of the argument
  2. to view an internet forum without posting comments


to hang out or wait around a location
to view an internet forum without posting comments


  1. The act of lurking.
    • 1921: George Colby Borley, The Lost Horizon
      There were enemies on the lurk and time was against him.
    • 1955: John Maxwell Edmonds Longus, Daphnis et Chloe
      ... barked furiously and made at him as at a wolf, and before he could wholly rise from the lurk because of the sudden consternation, ...
    • 2004: Charles Reade, A Simpleton
      At two PM a man had called on him, and had produced one of his advertisements, and had asked him if that was all square—no bobbies on the lurk.

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be latent, couch, creep, escape notice, gumshoe, hibernate, hide, lay wait, lie beneath, lie dormant, lie hid, lie in wait, lie low, make no sign, nightwalk, prowl, pussyfoot, shadow, skulk, slide, slink, slip, smolder, snake, sneak, stalk, steal, tiptoe, underlie
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