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  1. Plural of islet

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distinguish eyelet For human anatomy, see Islets of Langerhans
An islet is a small island.

Definition of Types


A "rock", sometimes a synonym for a type of "islet", is a landform composed of rock, lying offshore, having no or minimal vegetation, and uninhabited (see Mōkōlua Rock at right).


An exposed sandbar is another type of islet. A more technical application is to small land features, isolated by water, lying off the shore of a larger island. And in related fashion, any emergent land on an atoll (a type of island) is also called an islet.


As with many of these terms, the actual size limits of islets are subjective, and vary.

Synonymous Terms

  • In Scotland and Ireland, they are often called inches, from the Gaelic innis, which originally meant island, but has been supplanted to refer to smaller islands. In Ireland they are often termed skerries.
  • In the Channel Islands, they are often identified by the suffix -hou from the Norse -holmr.
  • Holm or Holmen is a common suffix too in Nordic and northern European lands ("holme" means "islet" in Norwegian).
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