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bravura n : brilliant and showy technical skill; "in a final bravura the ballerina appeared to be floating in water"; "the music ends with a display of bravura"

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Italian "bravery" from the Latin bravare


  1. (music) a highly technical or difficult piece, usually written for effect
  2. a display of daring





From the adjective bravo


  1. courage, boldness, a display of daring
  2. anger

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In classical music, a bravura is a virtuosic passage intended to show off the skill of a performer, generally as a solo, and often in a cadenza. It can also be used as an adjective ("a bravura passage"), or refer to a performance of extraordinary virtuosity. The term comes from the Italian for goodness.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Daedalian, ability, address, adept, adeptness, adroit, adroitness, adventuresomeness, adventurousness, airmanship, alto, apt, aria, aria buffa, aria cantabile, aria da capo, aria da chiesa, aria di bravura, aria di coloratura, aria fugata, aria parlante, arietta, arioso, artfulness, artisanship, artistic, artistry, audaciousness, audacity, authoritative, balls, baritone, bass, bel canto, blazon, bravado, brave, braw, brilliance, brilliancy, brilliant, cantabile, capability, capacity, chichi, choral, choral singing, choric, clean, clever, cleverness, coloratura, command, competence, control, coordinated, coordination, crack, crackerjack, craft, craftsmanship, croon, crooning, cunning, cute, daedal, daring, dash, dashing, deft, deftness, demonstration, derring-do, dexterity, dexterous, dexterousness, dextrous, dextrousness, diplomacy, diplomatic, display, dramatic, dramatics, dressy, eclat, efficiency, enterprise, etalage, excellent, exhibition, exhibitionism, exhibitionistic, expert, expertise, facility, false front, falsetto, fancy, fanfaronade, figure, finesse, flair, flashing, flashy, flaunt, flaunting, flourish, folk singing, foolhardiness, frilly, frothy, gallant, gay, glittering, good, goodish, grace, graceful, grip, handiness, handy, heroic, histrionics, horsemanship, hum, humming, hymnal, ingenious, ingeniousness, ingenuity, intonation, jaunty, jazzy, know-how, liturgical, lyric, lyricism, magisterial, manifestation, marksmanship, masterful, masterly, mastership, mastery, neat, no mean, operatic, operatic singing, overboldness, pageant, pageantry, parade, politic, practical ability, professional, proficiency, proficient, prowess, psalmic, psalmodial, psalmodic, quick, quickness, quite some, rakish, readiness, ready, recitative, resource, resourceful, resourcefulness, sacred, savoir-faire, savvy, scat, scat singing, seamanship, sham, show, showing-off, showy, singing, skill, skillful, skillfulness, slick, snazzy, sol-fa, sol-fa exercise, solfeggio, solmization, solo, some, song, soprano, spectacle, splash, splashy, splurge, splurgy, sporty, staginess, statesmanlike, style, stylish, tact, tactful, tactfulness, technical brilliance, technical mastery, technical skill, technique, tenor, the compleat, the complete, theatrics, timing, tonic sol-fa, treble, vaunt, venturesomeness, venturousness, virtuosity, virtuoso, vocal, vocal music, vocalization, warbling, well-done, wit, wizardry, workmanlike, workmanship, yodel, yodeling
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