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1 a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit [syn: pedant, scholastic]
2 someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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book + worm


bookworm (plural bookworms)
  1. Any of various insects that infest books.
  2. an avid book reader


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bookworm in Norwegian Nynorsk: bokorm

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

bibliognost, bibliographer, biblioklept, bibliolater, bibliolatrist, bibliomane, bibliomaniac, bibliopegist, bibliophage, bibliophile, bibliophilist, bibliopole, bibliopolist, bibliotaph, bibliothec, bibliothecaire, bibliothecary, book agent, book collector, book printer, book publisher, book salesman, book-stealer, bookbinder, bookdealer, booklover, bookmaker, bookman, bookseller, cataloger, chief librarian, college editor, copy editor, curator, dictionary editor, editor, editor-in-chief, executive editor, failing student, greasy grind, grind, juvenile editor, librarian, library director, managing editor, mugger, overachiever, permissions editor, philobiblist, printer, production editor, publisher, reference editor, reference librarian, swotter, textbook editor, trade editor, underachiever
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