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  1. Plural of anomaly

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An anomaly (plural anomalies) is an irregularity, a misproportion, or something that is strange or unusual. In particular, as used in the sciences, it means deviation from the common rule, i.e. in the experimental sciences it means difference from the norm or average of a given quantity.
In particular anomaly refers, as used in the following contexts, to:


  • Eccentric anomaly, intermediate value used to compute the position of a celestial object as a function of time
  • Flyby anomaly, unexpected energy increase during Earth flybys of satellites
  • Mean anomaly, measure of time in the study of orbital dynamics
  • Pioneer anomaly, observed deviation of the trajectories of various unmanned spacecraft
  • South Atlantic Anomaly, region where Earth's inner van Allen radiation belt makes its closest approach to the planet's surface
  • True anomaly, angle between the direction of periapsis and the current position of an object on its orbit



  • Congenital vertebral anomaly, collection of malformations of the spine in animals and infants
  • Collie eye anomaly, congenital, inherited, bilateral eye disease of dogs involving the retina, choroid, and sclera
  • Coronary artery anomaly, congenital abnormality in the coronary anatomy of the heart
  • Ebstein's anomaly, congenital heart defect in which the opening of the tricuspid valve is displaced towards the right ventricle of the heart
  • Uhl anomaly, very rare congenital heart disease with a partial or total loss of the myocardial muscle in the right ventricle

Quantum physics

Science fiction



  • Anomaly (Forteana), anomaly associated with Charles Fort's ideas
  • Ararat anomaly, object on Mount Ararat claimed to be Noah's Ark
  • Konishi anomaly, violation of the conservation of the Noether current associated with certain transformations
  • Market anomaly, price distortion on a financial market
  • Anomaly in software, anything that differs from expectations, whether the expectations resulted from documentation, experiences or otherwise

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