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amenities n : things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home" [syn: comforts, creature comforts, conveniences]

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aménité, amoenitas, from amoenus pleasant.


  • /ʌˈmɛn.ə.tis/ (WEAE)


  1. Plural of amenity
  2. The quality of being pleasant or agreeable, whether in respect to situation, climate, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.


“I trust that you are as comfortable as circumstances permit,” said Holmes when the final arrangements were made. “Should I be guilty of a liberty if I lit a cigar and placed it between your lips?” But all amenities were wasted upon the angry German.
—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in His Last Bow

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In the contexts of real estate and lodging, amenities are any tangible or intangible benefits of a property, especially those which increase the attractiveness or value of the property or which contribute to its comfort or convenience.
Tangible amenities might include parks, swimming pools, health club facilities, party rooms, bike paths, community centers, doormen, or garages, for example.
Intangible benefits might include a "pleasant view" or aspect, low crime rates, or a "sun-lit living room", which all add to the living comforts of the property.
amenities in Japanese: アメニティ

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cakes and ale, ceremonies, civilities, civility, comforts, comity, conveniences, convention, courtliness, creature comforts, decencies, decorum, dignities, diplomatic code, elegance, elegancies, etiquette, excellent accommodations, exquisite manners, formalities, gentilities, good form, good manners, graces, manners, mores, natural politeness, point of etiquette, politeness, politesse, proprieties, protocol, punctilio, quiet good manners, rites, rituals, rules of conduct, social code, social conduct, social graces, social procedures, social usage
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