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1 a friendly nation
2 an associate who provides assistance; "he's a good ally in fight"; "they were friends of the workers" [syn: friend] [ant: foe] v : become an ally or associate, as by a treaty or marriage; "He allied himself with the Communists" [also: allied]

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From alien, alier, French alier, from alligare, to bind to, from ad, to + ''ligare, to bind. Compare alligate, allay, alloy and ligament.


Pronunciation 1

  • , /əˈlaɪ/, /@"laI/


  1. To unite, or form a connection between, as between families by marriage, or between princes and states by treaty, league, or confederacy; — often followed by to or with.
    • O chief! in blood, and now in arms allied. --Pope.
  2. To connect or form a relation between by similitude, resemblance, friendship, or love.
    • These three did love each other dearly well, And with so firm affection were allied. --Spenser.
    Note: Ally is generally used in the passive form or reflexively.
    • The virtue nearest to our vice allied. --Pope.


Pronunciation 2

  • , /ˈæ.laɪ/, /"

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  • Ally Carter, American author of young adult and adult fiction
  • Ally Fowler (born Alexandra Fowler in 1961), Australian actress in 1980s soap operas
  • Ally Gallacher (1909-1964), Scottish football manager
  • Ally McCoist (born 1962), Scottish former professional football (soccer) player
  • Ally MacLeod (1931–2004), Scottish professional football player, and manager
  • Ally Maxwell (born 1965), Scottish football coach and former professional footballer
  • Ally Ridgers (born 1980), professional footballer for Scottish Premier League side Inverness CT
  • Ally Sheedy (born 1962), American screen and stage actress
  • Ally Shewan, Scottish former football player
  • Ally Walker (born Allene Walker in 1961), American actress
  • Aziza Sleyum Ally, Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania
  • Carl Ally (1924–1999), American advertising executive who founded Ally & Gargano
  • Tony Ally (born 1973), British diver
  • Ally Crowe (Born 1988) Soccer Player



  • Ally, sister of Betty Spaghetty, a bendable rubber doll from the Ohio Art Company
  • Ally (1999-2000), the short-lived half-hour sitcom spin-off of Ally McBeal (1997-2002), both American television series on the FOX network.
  • Ally Sloper, one of the earliest fictional comic strip characters, created for the British magazine Judy
  • Ally's Tartan Army, a novelty record released by Scottish comedian Andy Cameron
  • Ally's World, a series of books written for young adults by Karen McCombie
  • Know Your Ally: Britain, WWII propaganda film produced by the US War Department and Signal Corp

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"Ally" might be given as a nickname to Allison (Alyson, Alison, Allyson, etc.), or Alastair (Alistair, Alasdair, etc). Different spellings could also be Ali, Allie, Alliee, etc. Allie also might be given to Alexandra or Alyssa.

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accessory, accomplice, act in concert, act together, adjunct, affiliate, alter ego, amalgamate, analogon, analogue, apply, archduchy, archdukedom, associate, band, band together, be in cahoots, be in league, bedfellow, bind, body politic, bracket, brother, brother-in-arms, buffer state, bunch, bunch up, cabal, captive nation, cement a union, centralize, chieftaincy, chieftainry, city-state, close copy, close match, club, club together, coact, coadjutor, coalesce, cognate, cohort, collaborate, collaborator, colleague, collude, colony, combine, come together, commonweal, commonwealth, companion, compatriot, compeer, complement, comrade, concert, concord, concur, confederate, confrere, congenator, congener, connect, consociate, consolidate, consort, conspire, cooperate, coordinate, correlate, correlative, correspondent, counterpart, country, county, couple, crony, do business with, domain, dominion, draw a parallel, duchy, dukedom, earldom, empery, empire, equate, equivalent, federalize, federate, fellow, fellow member, free city, friend, fuse, gang, gang up, get heads together, get together, go in partners, go in partnership, go partners, grand duchy, hang together, harmonize, hold together, hook up, hook up with, identify, image, interrelate, join, join forces, join fortunes with, join in, join together, join up, join up with, join with, keep together, kindred spirit, kingdom, land, league, league together, like, likeness, link, make common cause, mandant, mandate, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, marry, mate, merge, nation, nationality, near duplicate, obverse, organize, pair, pair off, parallel, parallelize, partner, pendant, picture, play ball, polis, polity, possession, power, principality, principate, protectorate, province, pull together, puppet government, puppet regime, put heads together, realm, reciprocal, reciprocate, relate, relativize, republic, satellite, second self, seneschalty, settlement, side, similitude, simulacrum, sister, soul mate, sovereign nation, stand together, stand up with, state, such, suchlike, sultanate, superpower, tally, team up, team up with, team with, territory, the like of, the likes of, throw in together, throw in with, tie, tie in, tie in with, tie up, tie up with, toparchia, toparchy, twin, unionize, unite, unite efforts, unite with, wed, work together
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